Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Angel

Amy was an old retires prostitute. She still worked on the same house were she crashed when she was just 15, an old mansion in the suburbs of Paris "La petit maison". Amy choreographed the "dances" for the girls from the "maison" for 23 years, she was now 52 years old. That day was a different day for Amy. She went out of her room around 15:00 for her rehearsal with the "ladies", she was wearing the her best dress, a beautiful black dress that a more enthusiastic client offered her when she was 21. She would were that dress on a very special occasion, but today was just an ordinary day, a Tuesday, a usual slow day, and most of the times the "ladies" would not even perform. Amy respected those girls, she knew that no one was there because they wanted, all these girls were poor women that refused to surrender to death and sold their body and give up their respect, so they would get a roof and food! Those girls, like Amy, never knew love. Often abused, abandoned or forgotten by their parents these girls had no other option, and Amy knew it, so she respected them, she was one of them! Over the years most of the girls from the "maison" began to believe on their own lies about their life's! They often told the clients they were born in convents but fell in lust and found "la maison" like a paradise! Amy told them that story, just like some other older girl told her once, many years ago! But the truth is that the only relation to convent these girls had was the local priest that would sneak in on Monday evenings to spend the donations! After the rehearsal Amy said goodbye like to the girls like she always did: "goodbye my Angels", and the girls all replied by saying "goodbye Amy, see you tomorrow!". But the "angels" didn't see Amy on the next day or ever again, because Amy walked to the small balcony on her room, on the last floor of the "maison", smoked one last cigarette (Amy was an heavy smoker), opened her wings and flew away...

They say Angels are beautiful but Amy had long lost her beauty, they say they don't have any sex but Amy was more women then most women ever where, they say Angels have white wings made of feathers, but Amy's wings were made of black pieces of heavy cloth... They said Amy was a child of the Devil, but that night Amy flew away from "la petit maison" like an Angel!


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