Sunday, January 30, 2005


A bus-stop in the middle of the city. A big group of people is waiting for the bus, some people have to stay outside of the covered area! The sky is grey and the air feels wet. It starts raining and everybody squeezes into the covered area of the bus-stop and the ones who stay outside open their umbrellas, all except one man! He looks to a little kid, a blue eyed blond little 8 years old boy, on his mothers lap. The kid looks back to him with interest. The man, around 40/50 years, with a small black bear and long hair (not to long), reaches with arms down like he his opening an umbrella, but he has nothing on his hands!!! He lifts the right arm like he is holding an umbrella and a beam of light comes down, lighting a round space around the man! If you could see him you would see a crowd in the rain and one man on a spot of sunshine! If you could see him, but you can't! Only the little boy saw it, all the other people saw a man holding an umbrella and ignored it! The world is a magical place ... but you can only see it with a child's soul!!!


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