Tuesday, February 08, 2005

To my friendship!

There is quite a big number of people that I call friends! To many people according to most of my friends. But what people don't realize is that I call friend to someone who is friendly to me! My best friends, well those I can count with my hands, actually I only need one hand (there are only five). Those friends are the ones you usually say that they will be there for you when you need them, but what you mean is that you'll be there for them when they need you! Those are not the friends I would give my life to, at least not to all five, only to two! Many don't agree with my idea of sacrifice for my friends, and get either disappointed or angry with me, sometimes both! But that is the truth... I would give my life to them, if they need it or even if they asked me! Someone who I believe likes me (and that I also like a lot) once asked me if I didn't care about the people who love me, my Mother for example! Of course I care about them, especially my Mother, but still I would give up my life in this very moment! She called me selfish, and I agree. I am selfish, I don't want to live knowing that my life could maintain my friends life! I really couldn't! But them again all love is selfish, at least for me. I would do almost everything to make a few people in my life happy, even if that meant being unhappy for a period of time (long, short or forever), because their happiness already makes me feel happy and their sadness makes me feel sad! So isn't it the same thing?! Besides I am not announcing to the world that I will kill my self in the name of friendship before the day is over! I wish I will never have to give my life for my friends, because I really like to be alive and my life is obviously something precious for me! But if they ask me it's their for the taking! (I don't need to name the friends in question because they know who they are ...)


Anonymous maninha =) said...

Realmente são poucos os verdadeiros amigos... aqueles que por mais tempo que passem longe de nós mantêm uma ligação forte. Não é necessário que se esteja constantemente a dizer que somos amigos deste ou daquele; as pessoas em questão sabem o que pensamos delas. Aliás, por vezes a repetição leva a que as palavras se tornem supérfluas e vazias...

Sem querer estar a repetir-me, deixo-te um beijo enorme com imensas saudades***

2:19 PM  

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