Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The status of Gonçalo (as it was meant to show on his facebook)

Gonçalo is under the gray skies, dreaming of the green fields of blue poppies and white daisys under an orange sun and clear blue sky where the rivers shine like polished silver and the lakes have the clear color of your turquoise eyes.

I now ignore the rain drops of reality and focus on the imaginary butterflies of the world within my head.

I am Alice in wonderland ... I am the rabbit and the deranged Queen of Spades. I am not of this world and therefore I must move on ... move in ... dive into my own imagination and escape.

I am gone ... my mind is gone ... my hearth is gone ... we are all somewhere else. Somewhere you cannot reach but somewhere where you will always be present.

Gonçalo is no more and more of himself ... I am bored of gray skies, rainy chains and glass prisons ...

Gonçalo is bored.

This was what I wrote when looking at my facebook status ... so here you go. That is my status. Bored and clearly deranged (or maybe just bored after all).


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