Friday, February 18, 2005

Line 4 (tram to happiness)

I am tired!
The day is over and I am going to a place were I can rest and be happy!
I am on the tram stop waiting for the tram number 4. The tram itself is quite normal, and so is the pat that it follows. Not normal is the destination!
It's always nice to get in a warm place during the winter, and the trams in Holland are always warm.
At that time of the day, or should I say at that time of the night, the tram is nearly empty, and the few people inside are so tired and disconnected that they don't even look at you!
A guy comes to me and says something in dutch "mag ik uw vervoersbewijs zien alstublieft?" that I don't understand, but I know what he wants. I go to the back pocket of my jeans and take out the tram ticket! He nods in a consenting reply and moves on!
The journey is short, but long enough for me to think how lucky I was to find this tram, whose final stop leads to happiness!
Often long are the pats that bring happiness but this one doesn't take more than 20 minutes! Often the roads to happiness are filled with dangers and setbacks, but this one is quiet, uneventful!
Often people don't find the pats that lead to happiness, but I found this one, and I follow it with my heart open and my mind at rest, because I know that the tram 4 brings me nothing but happiness!
We stopped ...
Everybody gets out, including me!
Now I must cross the square of trees and after I'll meet my destination.
I smile and start walking, it's always nice to catch the tram number 4!

A tram is the equivalent to a streetcar in Holland


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