Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dark hours of the soul

It is in moments like this, when time around you slows down and everything gets a darker gloom.

When the colors are washed and the sounds are faded ... it is in times like this that ones mind wanders.

It is in times like this that memories of happier days come back to haunt you. It is now that times when a less scarred self comes to point out the deformed tissues of the soul.

It is in these dark hours of the soul that you travel back in time ... it is in these dark hours of the soul that your mind wanders to places it should never have ventures in the first place.

It is now that bathed in bitter and painful nostalgia you ask yourself such dark and somber questions like:

If you died now or at any random moment in the near future, how long would it take for people to find your dead body? (3 to 4 weeks in the worst case scenario).

And now, drunk with somber thoughts and dark realities, I travel ... I pick up a dusty CD (and I really mean it when I say dusty) and dive into a lost memory of a time when "secret smile" played on the car radio and all your problems were so much less. When all the pain love caused was so much less ... a time far from innocent but a time where the sky was still very much blue and with a lot less clouds of knowledge.

Now the shadows creep in and you find yourself alone.

Now you dwell into the simple pleasures of life your body forgot how to enjoy and the long lost moments in time you so much treasured.

It is now that your eyes remember that they forgot how to cry and the tears that should therefore run through your face, run through your soul.


Blogger Antonio said...



Muito profundo.....

Volto a perguntar: "Tequilla again???"

10:55 PM  
Blogger PanÓptica said...

Parece que tens agora uma quarta leitora ;)

Tb pego em cd's poeirentos vezes a mais, e falo com semáforos, acho que tudo isso é sentir de mais, acho que é viver. Pelo menos evita-se o algo monstruoso, a Fera, do Henry James. ;)

Take care!


(I think you can guess who I am)

6:09 PM  

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